CSR / Sustainability Services



  • Corporate Responsibility (CSR) / Sustainability Reporting (Research/Analyse/Benchmark etc).
  • Topics Research (Materiality/Sociality in the area of CSR)
  • Trends/Sample research of Finland, EU and Japan
  • Japanese business research (all area and fields) etc

Planning & Lecture

  • CSR/Sustainability Reporting
  • Stakeholder Dialogue
  • Strategy/Target linked to SDGs
  • Development of Japanese market (all area and fields) etc

Translation (English/Japanese) & Writing

  • CSR/Sustainability area
  • Maritime & Transportation
  • General Business
  • Intercultural/Multicultural etc



Tokiko Fujiwara-Achrén

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After learning interculturalism/multiculturalism at university in Japan, I worked for shipping companies (Japanese & Norwegian) and CSR/Sustainability consultation company as advisor. Originally from Tokyo, moved to Finland in 2013.

  • GRI G4 Peer reviewer (EN/JP)
  • A member of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Finland

My strength expertise:

  • CSR/Sustainability Reporting (Non-Financial reporting)
  • Sociality in the area of CSR
  • Maritime & Transportation
  • International business between Finland/EU and Japan

Sustainable Development Goals
I commit to promote 3 goals as below:
G5 "Gender Equality":
- To promote women's empowerment as I am a woman.
G14 "Life below water":
- To improve environmental maritime and collaborate their stakeholders based on my maritime experience and knowledge.
G17 "Partnerships for the goals":
- To collaborate and communicate across countries/regions and sectors for achieving all goals as being an advisor/researcher and communicator.


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